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The Rapture is Not Next

Is the rapture imminent? Find out today on The Endtime…

China preparing for war with U.S. | Will JohnsonSeptember 15, 2023

Elon Musk Refuses To Be A Mercenary In Ukraine War, Says Use Starlink For Netflix & Not Bombing RussiaSeptember 14, 2023

Saudis insist Palestinians must be part of Israel peace deal, says Blinken

Did Elon Musk Prevent WW3?September 14, 2023

Elon Musk shuts off Starlink and prevents a Ukrainian…

Activist wants ‘Unconstitutional’ Christian Bookstore off Base

Increased Tensions between U.S. and China

Thousands of Jews Attend Midnight Prayers at Western Wall

Historic’ Tax Enforcement Crackdown Using AI

Should we Observe The Sabbath?September 13, 2023

Should we observe the sabbath today? Many people believe…

Here Come the Earth Worshippers

Satan will use any method he can to get folks to worship…

EU Chief Calls for Global Digital IDs

Iran Has Expanded Stock of Near-Weapons Grade Uranium

Israel Stopped Terror Plots All Over World

Morocco earthquake: Race against time to reach survivors as number killed nears 2,900

Eastern Libya authorities say 2,000 dead in flood, thousands missing

Will the Rapture Happen in September 2023?

Will the rapture happen in September of this year? Do…

Pope Cites Buddha in Plea for Interfaith Harmony

India the Surveillance State and the Role of AadhaarSeptember 7, 2023

Abraham Accords, 3 Years On

X’s New Privacy Policy Sparks Outrage

UK Wants Japan, South Korea to Join AUKUS

Russia Deploys Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Iran grows stockpile of near weapons-grade enriched uranium

End Time Prophecy: Decoding the Mysteries

The concept of “end times” and the prophecies surrounding it have captivated minds for generations. Our dedicated team of researchers and scholars is committed to unraveling these enigmatic passages, analyzing ancient texts, and examining how they align with modern occurrences. Through careful analysis and thoughtful interpretation, we strive to offer insights that spark contemplation and foster informed discussions.

Bible Prophecy in the News: Connecting Past, Present, and FutureThe news cycle is rife with stories of global significance – political shifts, natural disasters, technological advancements, and more. But what if there’s a deeper layer of understanding that goes beyond the surface? At Endtime Ministries, we examine how the events making headlines today might echo the ancient forecasts of the Bible.

Our articles provide insightful analysis that highlights potential correlations between current events and prophetic passages. From geopolitical shifts to scientific breakthroughs, we explore how these developments may align with or shed light on the prophetic messages found in Scripture. By peering through the lens of prophecy, we aim to build faith in God’s Word and prepare our hearts for the days ahead.

Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of prophecy in the news, inviting you to consider the bigger picture and explore the possible implications for humanity’s journey through time.   

Jack Hibbs says the ‘silent’ Church to blame for America being a ‘post-Christian nation’Patriots fan dies after getting punched ‘in the face’ by Dolphins supporter at Gillette Stadium

Patriots fan dies after getting punched ‘in the face’ by Dolphins supporter at Gillette Stadium

Over 100 Nations are now exploring Digital CurrenciesChristian venues and Churches cancel Promise Keepers outreach over their Biblical stance on gender

Christian venues and Churches cancel Promise Keepers outreach over their Biblical stance on gender North Carolina megachurch baptizes nearly 300 people in a single day

The “Ring Of Fire Eclipse” coming October 14th will combine with another Eclipse in 2024 to form Giant “X” over “The Empty Cross” in Texas/     

Rapture Ready End Times News  20 Sep 2023

Biden reiterates support two-state solution while pushing for ‘Israel’s greater normalization’ in UNGA address
Regarding the Middle East, Biden said that the U.S. is working to further normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab world, and at the same time continues to work toward a peace between Israel and the Palestinians based on “two states for two peoples.”

Scientists Recover RNA From an Extinct Species for the First Time
The last known thylacine—the largest marsupial carnivore in recent times—died in Tasmania’s Beaumaris Zoo in 1936. But the animal has recently been the target of de-extinction efforts, and now, a team of researchers has managed to recover RNA from the creature—the first time such a feat has been accomplished for any extinct species. Recently, the ‘de-extinction’ company Colossal Biosciences stated it would attempt to produce a proxy species to the thylacine and introduce it to the forests of Tasmania,

Developer Builds A 60-Square Mile Illegal Alien Colony In Texas
Where are those migrants going after they get here? Some surely will be headed toward America’s major cities, forcing Democratic mayors to eat more of their own open borders advocacy dog food. But some are likely headed to a place called Colony Ridge–an enormous settlement forty miles outside of Houston that’s reportedly home to tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

COVID skeptic Dr. David Martin: WHO is a ‘criminal cartel’
If the old saying that taking flak means you’re over the target, there must be something in what COVID-19 skeptic Dr. David Martin is explaining. Multiple websites and commentators have been attacking his views that the pandemic wasn’t really a health emergency at all – it was a scheme to train people of the world to accept what the “experts” insisted they believe.

Warning From Pastors: The Whole World Is Running Towards A Cliff… Don’t Be Silent
Pastor Jack Hibbs of Real Life ministry and Pastor Gary Hamrick from Cornerstone Chapel delivered two prominent speeches at the 2023 Family Research Council Pray Vote Stand Summit. The pastors gave two separate messages, yet they shared one common theme: “It’s not political. It’s biblical.” Both pastors made it clear that all the issues we are dealing with in our day such as abortion, transgenderism, marriage, economics, homeland security, and everything under the sun, was first established in sacred Scripture.

Netanyahu to hold meeting with Zelensky for first time since onset of war
Netanyahu’s meeting with Zelensky will mark the first time an Israeli prime minister has met with the president of Ukraine since the outbreak of war with Russia. Zelensky hopes for good news from Netanyahu regarding the Ukrainian request for anti-air defense systems to counter Iranian drones.  

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