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Featured Qatar Will Represent US Interests in Afghanistan Child Sponsorship Highlight: Spiritual Development Victims of Iran’s Article 500 Summoned to Serve Prison Sentences Christian Journalist in Kaduna State Jailed for Covering Persecution International Christian Concern to Announce Top Persecutors of the Year Nov. 16 Persecutors of the Year 2021 Turkey’s Religious Minorities Restricted by Authorities Boko Haram Terrorists Kill 4 Civilians in Cameroon National Security Advisors of Eight Countries Express Concern Over Afghanistan Radicals Forcefully Detain Christians Gathered for Worship in Southern India Rights Defenders Remain Imprisoned After Lifting of Egypt’s State of Emergency A Glenn Beck Interview on Afghanistan Iraq’s Yazidi Survivor Law Requires More to Serve All Victims Two of 66 Abducted Worshippers Killed in Captivity One Armenian Christian Killed, Three Wounded, by Azeri Gunfire                   Israel and Middle East Breaking News Rapture Forums Researcher: U

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