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End Time Headlines July 2020

DEVELOPING: Texas coast on alert as Tropical Storm Hanna closes inJul 24, 2020 |  |  (Accuweather) –Residents along the Texas Gulf Coast on Friday afternoon were bracing for a hit from Tropical Storm Hanna, which was looming about 230 miles east of Corpus Christi. Hanna was packing 50 mph winds and moving west over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico at a speed of 9 mph.                                          Many Americans See The Hand Of God At Work In Current Events . Michael Snyder– 2020 has been an incredibly bizarre year up to this point, and this has many people wondering if the hand of God is at work. And the worse things get, the more this sort of speculation will heat up. When things get crazy, people search for answers, and that can be a good thing. Because the truth is that during normal times most of us are way too self-absorbed and most of us spend far too little time thinking about the things that really matter. 2020 has really shaken up a large portion of the U.S.…

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