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NEWS 5/30/2024

Will the U.N. Force Peace? May 29, 2024 The U.N., the ICC, the ICJ, Norway, Spain and Ireland… Israeli strikes kill at least 37 Palestinians, most in tents, near Gaza’s Rafah as offensive expands May 29, 2024    No Deal: W.H.O. Fails to Secure Global Pandemic Treaty May 28, 2024 France’s Macron Tells Young People to Reject Nationalism, Embrace European Union May 28, 2024 China Stages Missile Strikes and Bombing Runs on Taiwan Using Jets Loaded with Live Weapons May 28, 2024   Macron Suggests Arming EU with Nuclear Weapons for ‘Credible’ Defence May 28, 2024 Mission Creep? France is Deploying Soldiers to Ukraine, Says Kyiv May 28, 2024 The WHO’s ‘Global Governance’ Gambit is A Threat to Democracy May 27, 2024 The World Health Assembly is set to vote, in less than…    Will the Leaders of Israel be Arrested? | Open Line Friday May 24, 2024 ICC is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli leaders. ICJ… 12,000 Baptized in Historic California Event: ‘God Is Not Done with America’ May

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