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END TIME NEWS NOV 2023 #Israel

  Israel-Hamas-Iran Questions Answered November 22, 2023  The Oct. 7 Hamas massacre on Israel suddenly riveted… Israel-Hamas pause in fighting to start Thursday morning November 22, 2023 The latest on Israel-Gaza: Confirmation of truce deal specifics alongside the release of images showing Palestinians in a mass grave November 22, 2023   Israel’s Right To Exist Explained! November 21, 2023 By ignoring “the last 4,000 years of history in the… France is sending a warship to deliver medical aid to Gaza this week November 21, 2023 Massive crowds across Australia rallied in support of Palestine, with tens of thousands demanding a ceasefire in Gaza November 21, 2023  Biden wants global security regime in Gaza November 21, 2023   What’s Going On With the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland? November 17, 2023 Families of hostages walk for third day on march to Jerusalem November 17, 2023 Thousands of bodies lie buried in rubble in Gaza. Families dig to retrieve them, often by hand Novem

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