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  •      December 21st, 2022

    At Hanukkah event, Biden slams 'venom' of antisemitism, unveils White House menorahBiden's counter-antisemitism campaign subtly targets TrumpBiden's strategy for a far-right Israel: Lay it all on BibiUS said planning to hold Netanyahu responsible for actions of far-right ministersNetanyahu has 2 days to declare he's got a coalition. He's nearly certain to succeedKnesset freezes votes until Monday,...

  • December 20th, 2022

    In Hanukkah message to world Jewry, Herzog welcomes 'tough questions' about electionBiden to condemn rising antisemitism at White House Hanukkah receptionBiden Says 'Silence Is Complicity' on AntisemitismIntentional or Coincidence? Far-Left New York Times Publishes Crossword Puzzle Resembling Nazi Swastika on the First Day of HanukkahNetanyahu shreds New York Times for 'demonizing Israel for decad...

  • December 19th, 2022

    ​Menorah from iconic photo with Nazi flag to be lit at Berlin Hanukkah ceremonyChurches urged to act against antisemitism, including by scrutinizing own practicesNetanyahu's Extremist Allies, Settlements and Pride Parades: U.S. Ambassador on Israel's Radical New CoalitionAbbas thanks Qatar for using World Cup to push Palestinian causeUS lawmaker: All of Judea and Samaria should remain part of Is... 

  •      December 18th, 2022

    Netanyahu expected to announce government this weekNY Times editorial: Netanyahu government a 'significant threat to future of Israel'Tweet calls for 'final solution' for Netanyahu family, Likud presses chargesPolish couple killed by Nazis for hiding Jews declared martyrs by pope'Abhorrent' antisemitic graffiti discovered at Maryland high schoolIMF approves $3 billion support package for Egypt in ...

  • December 17th, 2022

    ​Benjamin Netanyahu lays out agenda for third term: Stop Iranian aggression and expand peace in the regionNetanyahu vows to forge historic peace treaty with Saudi Arabia to end Arab-Israeli conflict once and for all - but says fresh thinking is neededNetanyahu tells Saudi outlet deal with Riyadh would be 'quantum leap' for peaceHundreds of high-tech workers warn Netanyahu bloc's policies will ha...

  • December 16th, 2022

    Netanyahu floats peace with Saudis as key to resolving conflict with PalestiniansFears of full-blown Israeli-Palestinian conflict grow after bloodiest year since 2005Poll: 72% of Palestinians support forming more armed groups in West BankNetanyahu backpedals after saying he'll be in charge of West Bank decisionsKnesset legal aide urges caution on bill giving Smotrich reign over West Bank policyGan... 

    ​‘Biblical’ swarms of giant Mormon crickets destroying crops in US West

    Farmers in the American West are battling outbreaks of Mormon crickets — insects that can grow almost three inches (8cm) in length.
    In the past few years the crickets, in addition to grasshoppers, have destroyed swathes of crops as officials spend millions trying to control the swarms, according to the Associated Press
    Khamenei adviser says Tehran 'capable of building nuclear bomb'

    Tehran is technically capable of making a nuclear bomb but has yet to decide whether to build it, a senior adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei told Al Jazeera's Arabic service on Sunday.
    Tehran will also directly respond against Israel should its security be targeted, the report says citing the advisor.
    "In a few days we were able to enrich uranium up to 60% and we can easily produce 90% enriched uranium ... Iran has the technical means to produce a nuclear bomb but there has been no decision by Iran to build one," Kamal Kharrazi said.  

    Sudden Deaths, Unexplainable Deaths, Excess Deaths, what is the Common Link?

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    Health Ranger Report: World nearing Great Tribulation period, Tom Hughes tells Mike Adams

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    Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Strikes Northern California, at least two dead, thousands without power

    Commentary By:  Gordon King

    Yesterday, December 20, 2022, a strong earthquake, magnitude 6.4, hit 7.4 miles from the city of Ferndale, California, leaving many people devastated and at least two people dead.  Thousands of people are without power and thousands more without fresh water.

    At least 2 killed after magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocks Northern California


    Proof that Covid-19 Jabs are Killing and Injuring People!

    Link to Rumble Video of Covid-19 Vaccine Roundtable

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    We are being Lied to about the State of the Economy!

    Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

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    Accept Jesus Now as your Lord and Savior!

    Get Saved!

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    No Time to Waste, Jesus is coming soon!

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    Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths

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    LITHIUM mining for electric vehicles is incredibly destructive to the environment and about as far from “green” as you can imagine

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    China buying up the world’s GOLD supply in preparation for new world reserve currency designed to END the DOLLAR

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    Climate Change Lockdowns? Yup, They Are Actually Going There…

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    A new law in British Columbia JAILS doctors who spread “misleading information”

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    Vaccine Impact

    A British woman has been arrested for silently praying outside of abortion clinic and will face criminal charges

    A British pro-life activist is facing criminal charges for silently praying outside an abortion... DEA seized enough doses of Fentanyl this year to kill every American citizen

    DEA seized enough doses of Fentanyl this year to kill every American citizen

    The federal Drug Enforcement Administration is out with an astounding statistic: federal drug... The Nation braces for a ‘Bomb Cyclone’ that will bring ‘The Coldest Air In Decades’

    UPDATE: Biden administration to send Patriot missile system to Ukraine despite warning from Putin

    Remember the recent threat from Putin? If not let us refresh your memory. Russia’s Foreign... ‘General Hospital’ star Sonya Eddy dead at 55, Cause of death not provided

    ‘General Hospital’ star Sonya Eddy dead at 55, Cause of death not provided

    “General Hospital” star Sonya Eddy has died, executive producer Frank Valentini has...Large quake on California Coast came 24 hours after ominous warning from news publication

    These two dangerous metals are showing up in these popular dark chocolate bars

    Be careful the next time you crave that dark chocolate bar. The organization, Consumer Reports,... Mysterious Shock wave from sun causes crack in Earth’s magnetic field, Could trigger geomagnetic storm

    Mysterious Shock wave from sun causes crack in Earth’s magnetic field, Could trigger geomagnetic storm

    A mysterious shock wave in a gust of solar wind has sent a barrage of high-speed material smashing...

    December 14, 2022

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