Praying in the End Times

Are you prepared for Jesus return TODAY?  If not,  what makes you think you will be prepared when He does come?
" We don't know the hour or the day of Jesus return."  Matthew 24: 36.   ​​We are already very near the very end of time!  Do you not sense the urgency to already be prepared?  You must already know Jesus.  You must have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ!  Jesus is our only hope for eternal life.  Inside of Christ,   inside of the person of Jesus Christ is where you will find eternal life and in Him only.  " I AM the way,  the truth and the life.  No one can come to the Father except by me."  Gospel of John,  14th chapter and the 6th verse.of the New Testament.
The End Time Days website is about being prepared for the end of the end time days TODAY.  According to many of today's prophets,  we are fully engaged in "THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS. "  ( Matthew 24: 8 ) 
Let no one deceive you,  we are so close to the second coming of Christ, due to fulfilled prophesy and the many prophesies of modern prophets that fit right into ancient prophesy.
We are seeing what could be the development of World War 3 in the mid-east, or the beginning of Armageddon.   We are seeing Israel, Russia ( Magog ), Iran ( Persia ) all facing each other in Syria, all players in the Final Battle of Armageddon.  Other forces entering the world scene in Syria are:  The United States of America, France, UK, China and other nations. 
We are in the end time days beloved, and Jesus Christ warned us not to be deceived by anyone, not your pastors, nor teachers of the bible,  your friends, neighbors, family or even one ! " Test every spirit," 1 John 4: 1 thru 3. 
The worse deception is that those same people just mentioned to watch out for,  are NOT saying nor have they been warning anyone of anything about the upcoming onslaught of war so that you and others can become more prepared  for these end time days.  Those who say we are no where near the end time days are either working for the enemy, or they just don't know their Bible as well as they should.  The later is generally the Truth,  they just don't know their Bibles.  They operate by ignorance of the word and inspiration of the Unholy Spirit, deceiving anyone who will listen to their lies and scoffing.
Jesus warned us that MANY will deceive us if we let them.  Many means many more than a few of the pastors will be wolves in sheep's clothing,  taking advantage of the times to make a quick dollar on the end time days hype in the end time days and MANY false prophets will rise up, as well as false teachers of God's Word.  ( test me: Matthew 7:15,  Mark 13: 3-8, Luke  21:7-11., and the entire book of Revelation.)  Did you know that the book of Revelation is the only book in the bible that promises a blessing from the Lord for reading it?

These same false pastors, teachers and prophets of the Word of God, some of which are in our own churches today,  they can be heard denying today that we are in the last days, scoffing that history is only repeating it's self,  through their own lack of anointment of God of discernment in the truth the Holy Spirit grants to us for the asking.  Either these false prophets and teachers and preachers are purposely deceiving you down the wrong path or they don't really know their bible and probably never have.  " My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."  Hosea 4:6, 7.
Either these false teachers and prophets are working for the enemy against the Kingdom of God in Christ to rob you of your eternal promise with Christ in Heaven forever,  or they have never really been born again and do not have the Holy Spirit living in them to help them with at least the gift of discernment, which every NEW born again Christian should possess.
God's Holy Spirit is screaming out to us every day now,  " prepare for the Lord Jesus' soon return!  Tell your family,  tell your friends, tell your neighbors that the day of the Lord is upon us."  There is no time to ignore the fact that the signs in the Bible of Jesus return are at hand now.  We must study the Word diligently every chance we can get to get current with what God is telling us is going to happen next,  Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.
You want you and your family to KNOW of what to expect during these end times beginning with signs in the skies, the stars, the sun and the moon and the earth, as in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.  If you don't recognize the signs, either you haven't read your bible and understood what you were reading or you have found it hard to read and fall asleep when trying to read.  That is very common,  ( You're not the only one. )  
If you have read Matthew 24 for example and it doesn't make sense to you or you keep falling asleep, put your bible away for now.  Go to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the " Quiet Place " in your room.  Close the door and kneel down next to your bed.  Pray to God your Father for the protection which comes from God the Holy Spirit, which if you have not been baptized in the name of Jesus, ( also known as the baptism of the Holy Spirit, )  simply ask God the Father and the Lord Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Spirit of God, and in Fire...and God will bless you with power from on high, the full anointing of the Holy Spirit that will make you a new creation in Christ Jesus.  This is what happens to us when we become Born Again.  You truly are born again,  this time in the spirit.  Each of us has a spirit you know.  Our Spirit is united with God's Spirit, the Holy Spirit and we become like Christ,  as the Bible teaches us in the Gospel of John chapter 14, chapter 15 and chapter 16.  See Acts chapter 1 and 2, Acts chapter 19 for confirmation that we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and in water also, ( John the Baptist's baptism.)
NOW, go back and read Matthew 24 next opportunity, but pray first that according to Psalm 91 and God's promise to protect us with His angels, Psalm 91:11,  you will not be distracted as you were before with the comfort of the Holy Spirit now in your life!
Jesus has  given us an actual timeline of events that will happen in Matthew 24.  You will see it now, unfold like turning a light on.    According to the signs mentioned in the bible, the end of the age is very soon.  There are only a few events that must take place before the very end of all things as we know them, and while these events are important in fulfilling all that must happen,  they could happen in short time, even at one event snowballing into the next event in just a matter of days or weeks.  Most people are either disregarding the signs and wonders of the days we are in, or they are ignorant of what Jesus said would take place before the end.  The Spirit of the Lord is saying, " WAKE UP Believers in Christ ! " The time of the end is at hand !  Watch the news, search things out yourself and think for yourself!  Do not be deceived by the Lovers of this world.  They love the world and the things of the world, not God.  They could care less about God.  The days of today are Just Like The Days of NOAH !
Noah warned the people of the great flood for nearly one hundred years,  yet the people during that time did not believe him.  They scoffed at Noah, for they had never any intention of changing from their sinful lustful living.   
Jesus warned us of what would happen in the end times, ( see Matthew 24, Luke 21 or Mark 13. )  There are many other prophesies on the end time events and time line in both the Old Testament and New Testament books in the Holy Bible. 
We will focus mainly on the gospel prophesies of Jesus Christ in this TIME IS SHORT PAGE.
The time is now very short to prepare our hearts, minds and what we will soon need to survive these coming days. 
Things will not get any better for Christians.  Prepare for very perilous days ahead Beloved in Christ.  Very evil and wicked people in the world WILL  gain control in the near future as a one world regime of order in the world as prophesied, will replace what we see now in our free democratic government in America and through out the world.  This one world order has already been organizing in America for some time, and in other world countries through "global warming and supposed environmental cover."  
As the United States is decaying from the inside out by the wicked sins of the majority of it's people who have abandon  God for their own agenda, a One World Order ruled by Satan, and an Anti-Christ, and a Beast who will take captive the people of the world through manipulation of the economy, jobs, food and shelter for yourself and your family...through their own personal gain in the power of darkness and rulers of the unseen world.   We are talking about the powers of darkness destroying the world as we know it today.  The Book of Revelation gives you a full revelation of a devised plan that God reveals to us about those plans of the wicked to defeat the saints of God,  which satan is able to do for a short time.  These are the tribulation times that are developing in REAL TIME right before us today.
What do we as Christ followers do in the mean time?  We continue to draw close to Jesus.  With Christ's Spirit,  the Holy Spirit always close by never leaving us ( God's promise to us, Praise God,  we need not fear.  " Fear not."  This is a time to pray.  Pray for others.  You don't have to go looking for someone to pray for,  look all around you, everyone is in need of prayer, you are in need of prayer.

Your family should be your primary need to pray for.  Then, relatives, neighbors, your church community,  your secular community,  your local government,  state government and national leaders.  Your prayers are glorifying God.  Your prayers are keeping you in close contact with your Most High God.  God is always ready and willing to help you.  You can trust that God will show you who to pray for and what to pray for that individual.
Many of these prophesies to come are also found in the Book of Revelation.  The book of Revelation is the only book that starts out with the proclamation of a blessing if you read it !
In the mean time,  we will see an erosion of good becoming evil and evil becoming good in the eyes of the ungodly people who worship the pleasures of this world.  We will continue to see the Remnant church of Jesus Christ come under tremendous tribulation in the nearer days of what is left of the United States of America,  our One Nation Under God.  Read Psalm 2 and 3 Beloved.  These Psalms reflect the heart of most Americans today.  We will see a swift turning of many more to the tricks of the devil as food becomes scarce and pressure to survive will increase in the judgments coming to America soon.
You have probably already noticed the media buzzing with news about weather, fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanos and wars enough to scare anyone.  We all have reason to be concerned about all these events.  After all, these events are all part of End Time Days prophesy.
​Previously,  we have discussed the signs and wonders of the times over the past two years since this website was first published.  Many of the signs and wonders had already passed since the End Time Days website began.  
​In the gospel of Matthew, chapter 24,  we see many of Jesus' prophesies being fulfilled already.  We'll take a look at those prophesies in the next few days and go over what others are saying too, about the perilous troublesome days we are now in.  

​Please don't get us wrong here.  We are not gloom and doom watchers.  We simply want to show people of God,  what we can do as we look forward to the Day of the Lord, in God's Awesome timing, which we believe could be soon and very soon.  No one knows the hour or the day,  but we believe that because of the timeline of events we are in now,  as events have excelerated in the end time timeline, the time could be shorter than we thought before.  In the mean time, we can prepare for the days coming.
Start preparing your heart for a relationship with Jesus Christ right now, number one. 
Next, prepare your family if they are not already prepared in a relationship with Christ.  They need to know and understand the importance of practicing faith in Christ and having a relationship with Jesus Christ in these perilous times in the world.
Lastly,  we all need to prepare for what to have on hand when the really perilous times hit in the very near future.  The bible says in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, " those days will be so terrible that there is no other event since creation like it to compare it to, nor will there ever be anything more like it again, and men's hearts will fail them because of the nature of the terrible torturous times at hand."
I believe we are at Matthew 24:8, the time of famine, pestilences and great earthquakes happening everywhere.  We are in perplexing times right now and it's only going to get worse.  The people of the world will know nothing new.  Life will go on as usual as long as nothing happens to them.  Jesus said these times would be " just as it was in the time of Noah."

Get yourself a Good Study Bible and keep it close by at all times each day for reading.  Begin in the book of John if you have never had a bible or not sure where to start.  Then read the chapters by John near the end of the bible before Revelation.  Then the Holy Spirit will tell you what to read next!  The Lord Bless you ! 
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End Time Title

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