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11/26/19 - Many Strong Earthquakes in November
A 6.4 magnitude #Earthquake struck Albania on 11/25. Also just in the last 30 days we have had numerous earthquakes over 6.0 M including::
7.1 Molucca Sea on 11/14/19
6.6 - Tonga Island on 11/4/19
6.6 - Philippines on 10/29...
6.5 Fiji on 11/8
6.3 struck Mexico on 11/20
6.3 on 11/23 struck Unalaska.
There have been many earthquakes in diverse places and it is increasing in intensity and frequency just as prophesied for these times.
God's elect understand that these are all the early signs of His coming, but the unbelievers are still in denial, or just don't care (at least not yet)!
Luke 21:11
"And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven."                                                                   
In 1st Known Cases, 2 Teens Diagnosed With Meningitis After Chickenpox Vaccine Reactivates  Trump and Netanyahu: Both Being Investigated for Made-Up Crimes.......The most striking similarity between the investigations being conducted against US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is that both are being investigated for actions that their legislatures have not explicitly made criminal.       
  • The most striking similarity is that both are being investigated for actions that their legislatures have not explicitly made criminal.
  • Politicians always seek good coverage and many vote with that in mind. Some even negotiate good coverage in advance of voting. That is why they have press secretaries and media consultants.
  • Nor could a reasonable statute be drafted that covered Netanyahu's alleged conduct, but not that of other Knesset members who bartered their votes for good coverage. That is why no legislature in a country governed by the rule of law has ever made positive media coverage the "quid" or "quo" necessary for a bribery conviction, and that is why the bribery indictment of Netanyahu should not be upheld by the courts.
  • [I]t is simply not a crime for a President to use his power over foreign policy for political, partisan or even personal advantage. Imagine Congress trying to pass a law defining what would constitute a criminal abuse of the foreign policy power, as distinguished from a political or moral abuse.... Presidents have even engaged in military actions for political gain.
  • The central aspect of the rule of law is that no one may be investigated, prosecuted or impeached unless his conduct violates pre-existing and unambiguous prohibitions. Neither Congress nor prosecutors can make it up as they go along, because they, too, are not above the law. 

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