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Loud Boom, Mysterious Booms and Explosions Sounds

What was that loud boom today? What was that loud boom just now? Did you hear the loud bangs and the explosion sound today?

Loud bangs and shaking are actually quite common around the world. But why are these loud explosion noises and rumblings being heard and felt so often around the world?

An alien invasion? Some exploding meteors? Earthquakes? Or just signs of major Earth changes happening deep within our Planet and soon dooming the world? What are these mysterious rumbling noises?                                        
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Intense Eruption of Poas Volcano Prompts Park Closure in Costa Rica

Shiveluch Volcano Erupts Strongly in Kamchatka – Ash Plume Rises to 30,000 ft Into the Air – Pyroclastic Flow (Video)                                                    

Signs Of The Times? Earthquake Swarms Hit Texas, Oklahoma, San Francisco And The New Madrid Fault Zone

  1. Mysterious fireball that crashed and burned wasn’t a meteor

    (CNET) – Last week, bright, flaming objects were spotted in the sky over the island of...
  2. DEVELOPING: San Francisco area struck by quake swarm, 5 temblors recorded in one day
  3. Five earthquakes in less than an hour rattle southeast Missouri
  4. Four earthquakes in 13 hours rattle Texas…

    (FST) – In just over 12 hours, Texas experienced not one earthquake, but four, experts say....

    Iran Says It Now Has the Power to Wipe Israel ‘Off the Map

    (CBN) – The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said on Monday that Iran now...

  5. DEVELOPING: San Francisco area struck by quake swarm, 5 temblors recorded in one day

    (The Modesto Bee) – A swarm of tiny temblors shook up California’s East Bay over the past 24...
  6. Mystery object likened to Death Star filmed hovering over New York City                                                                                                            Cocaine Laced With Veterinary Drug Levamisole Eats Away at Flesh                               Cocaine cut with the veterinary drug levamisole could be the culprit in a flurry of flesh-eating disease in New York and Los Angeles.
    The drug, used to deworm cattle, pigs and sheep, can rot the skin off noses, ears and cheeks. And over 80 percent of the country's coke supply contains it.
    "It's probably quite a big problem, and we just don't know yet how big a problem it really is," said Dr. Noah Craft, a dermatologist with Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute.
    In a case study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Craft describes six cocaine users recently plagued by the dark purple patches of dying flesh. And while they happened to hail from the country's coastlines, the problem is national.                                     Very Shallow Earthquake Series Swarms Lilbourn, Missouri, Right in the New Madrid Seismic Zone

    The New Madrid Fault Line is constantly releasing pressure these days.

    Already 9 very shallow earthquakes have hit near Lilbourn, Missouri since September 30, 2019.  

    Potential For Future Strong Earthquakes on the New Madrid Seismic Zone

    In a report filed in November 2008, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency warned that a serious earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone could result in “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States.
    The report further predicts “widespread and catastrophic” damage across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and particularly Tennessee.
    There a 7.7 magnitude quake would cause damage to tens of thousands of structures affecting water distribution, transportation systems, and other vital infrastructure.
    The earthquake is expected to also result in many thousands of fatalities, with more than 4,000 of the fatalities expected in Memphis alone.                                                                    

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